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NAME: Teddy
BREED: F1 Golden Doodle COLOR: White

Teddy is a Medium size F1 Golden doodle, fluffy and white. He is a very sweet boy, loving and playful. He is a newer addition to the kennel and his pups are so cute and fluffy. Teddy is a real lover with the kids and everyone. Also loves the couch and Tv time.

NAME: Bogart
BREED: Standard Poodle
COLOR: Dark Red

Boggart (BoBo) is a Standard Dark Red Poodle. He is a goof ball who has quickly won all our hearts with his playful nature. He can be a rambunctious boy outside but bring him in and he quickly calms down. Loves to cuddle up with the kids on the couch.



NAME: Tally
BREED: F1 Goldendoodle 
COLOR: Red Parti

This is Tally. She is an amazing Parti Red Doodle. She is not only beautiful but has the most outstanding personality. She Loves everyone and other dogs as well. She is always wagging her tail. She brings smiles to everyone she meets and they just adore her personality.

NAME: Honey
BREED: F1 Goldendoodle 
COLOR: Caramel

Honey is a cream Goldendoodle and fun, loving and very social. Honey is equally loving towards people and other dogs. She shows no preference. Whether she’s in the yard playing with the dogs, or chilling by my couch with the kids, she is fully content. Loves to play fetch and just be near you.

NAME: Bella
BREED: Bernese Mountain Dog 
COLOR: Tri-Coloured 

Bella is a lovable, affectionate Bernese. Bella is 75 lbs and loves nothing more than your attention. Bella is a stocky, compact, Bernese. She is amazing with other dogs and loves playing with them!

NAME: Sadie
BREED: F1 Goldendoodle 

Sadie is a Red fluff-ball Goldendoodle. She is 70 lbs, with a beautiful bone structure. She is amazing with children, other dogs, and wildlife. She is goofy with a gentle, laid back temperament.

NAME: Raven 
BREED: Poodle   
COLOR: Black 

Raven is a 40lb, Black Moyen Poodle. She is sweet and just wants to be around you


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